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Invited Speaker

Sebastian Reidel

Sebastian Reidel

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Riedel was trained as a chemistry laboratory technician at Siemens and Degussa in Hanau. Afterwards he studied chemistry at the Universities of Siegen and Wurzburg and obtained his PhD in 2006 under the guidance of Prof. Kaupp. He then was a Humboldt-postdoctoral fellow where he joined the groups of Prof. Rasanen and Prof. Pyykko and afterwards carried out a second postdoctoral stay in the group of Prof. Schrobilgen. In 2013 he finished his habilitation at the Universitat Freiburg and since summer 2013 he was appointed as a full professor at the FU Berlin. He was awarded the ADUC-prize in inorganic chemistry, the "International Young Talent Award in Fluorine Chemistry" from DuPont and the Publikationspreis Fluorchemie of the GDCh.


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