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Welcome to The 18th European Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry

Kyiv: Cool, Safe and Underrated

Because of the war in the east and the recent loss of Crimea, many people make the hasty generalization that Kyiv is not safe to visit. Let’s listen to foreigners who live in Kyiv why this opinion is wrong, and what are the unbeatable reasons to visit Kyiv.

Kíev es una ciudad muy bonita, fabulosa y segura.

Por la guerra en la parte oriental de Ucrania y por la pérdida reciente de Crimea mucha gente llega a una conclusión falsa y prematura que Kíev es una ciudad poco segura para los visitantes. Vamos a escuchar a los extranjeros que viven en Kíev y cuentan por qué esta opinión es falsa y cuáles son las razones indisputables y argumentos evidentes para visitar Kíev. Este video fue hecho durante la preparación para el 18 simposio Europeo de química de flúor (7 - 12 de agosto de 2016, Kíev). Puede compartirlo.

Have a look at what Ukraine is proud of

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe. We have a unique mixture of attractions - the seaside, mountains, kilometers of rivers and lakes, marvelous cities and authentic countryside. Ukraine is beautiful and safe to visit. Every year we host thousands of festivals, sporting events, and music performances. Visit us and find magnificent culture, delicious cuisine and our famous hospitality. Ukraine is the most accessible country in Europe to engage in ecotourism, sports tourism, cultural tourism, winter tourism, food tourism, festival tourism, sea tourism. Experience Ukraine and find what it means for U.

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