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Invited Speaker

Jaroslav Kvíčala

Jaroslav Kvicala

Jaroslav Kvíčala was born in the Czech Republic in České Budějovice. After high school studies in the same town, he finished his graduate and postgraduate studies at Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague (recently renamed to University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague). He became assistant professor in 2006 and full professor at the same university in 2015. His research aims are connected with organofluorine chemistry and included first the chemistry of chlorofluoroalkanes, chlorofluoropolyethers and fluorobutenolides. Later he studied experimental, NMR and theoretical study of labile fluorocarbenoids. Recent aims are concentrated on fluorous chemistry and homogeneous catalysis with the emphasis on highly fluorinated organoruthenium and organopalladium complexes and their applications on alkene metathesis and coupling reactions.

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