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Invited Speaker

Igor Komarov

Chemist Igor Komarov

Igor V. Komarov graduated with honors from Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, and started to work at the same University in 1986 first as an engineer. He obtained his PhD degree in 1991. Two postdoctoral fellowships followed: at the University Chemical Laboratory (Cambridge, UK), and at the Institut für Organische Katalyseforschung (Rostock, Germany). He is currently the Head of Supramolecular Chemistry Department of Institute of High Technologies, holding the Professor title since 2009. Igor Komarov received the Doctor of Sciences Degree in 2003 for the work on synthesis of model molecules to solve problems in stereochemistry, physical organic chemistry and catalysis. The research work of Igor V. Komarov is directed to study molecular rigidity and its use in diverse areas of science. Synthesis of model molecules, unusual amino acids, including fluorine-substituted and peptides from them, conformationally restricted diamines and other building blocks for drug design are within Igor Komarov’s interests. Special effort is put in Igor’s group to developing new synthetic approaches towards strained and polycyclic compounds and photoswitchable molecular devices.

Igor V. Komarov is a recipient of Georg Forster Research Award (2015).



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