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Invited Speaker

Henryk Koroniak

Henryk Koroniak

Dean and Professor of Chemistry, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan Poland

Academic carriere at Adam Mickiewicz University: 1972 MSc (cum laude), 1976 PhD (with Kris Golankiewicz), 1987 Professor, 1996 - Full Professor
Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Florida, Gainesville (1976-1977), Kosciuszko Foundation Fellow, Visiting Professor, University of Florida, Gainesville (1995-1996),

Some other academic activities :

Dean of Faculty of Chemistry, Adam Mickiewicz University, 1996-2002 and 2012- present,
Member of Polish State Committee for Scientific Research;
Chairman of 14th European Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry, Poznan, Poland, 2004;
Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Fluorine Chemistr ;
Editor of "On the borderline between chemistry and biology" (35 volumes up to 2016)
Member of Council of The Foundation for Polish Science (FNP)
Member of Fluorine Division, American Chemical Society;:

Research activity: Synthesis and structural studies of fluorine containing organic molecules. Biologically active fluorochemicals. Molecular modelling. Fluorine influence on reactivity and structure of organic compounds.


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