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Invited Speaker

Frederic Leroux

Frederic Leroux

Frederic Leroux, PhD, is CNRS Research Director at the University of Strasbourg since 2009. The philosophy of his research is based on a fruitful interplay of several objectives:

  • the synthesis of biologically relevant molecules,
  • asymmetric methodologies using organic and organometallic chemistry,
  • organofluorine chemistry
  • application of the objectives to industrial problems

which led to strong industrial collaborations. The discovery of new and mild methodologies to introduce fluorine atoms or emergent fluorinated groups (OCF3, CHF2, ...) onto heterocycles as well as their stereoselective introduction onto Csp3-centers is a key topic of his research and developed in close collaboration with industry (Joint CNRS-Bayer laboratory on organofluorine compounds). His research is published in 94 peer-reviewed publications, 15 patents, 6 book chapters and presented by invitation at >75 (inter)national conferences (h-index = 25). He is also the co-editor of two volumes of the Elsevier book series Fluorine & Fluoride compounds (Vol 3 (2016), Vol 4 (2017)). He is Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC), member of the Scientific Committee of the Moissan Prize (Fluorine Chemistry) and Coordinator of the French Fluorine Network.



Twitter: leroux_group

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