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Invited Speaker

Emmanuel Magnier

Emmanuel Magnier

Emmanuel Magnier obtained his PhD in 1997, under the guidance of Prof. Yves Langlois in the Université Paris-Sud (Orsay). His thesis work was devoted to synthetic approaches of manzamine alkaloids. As a holder of a Bourse Lavoisier, he worked one year on Pauson-Khand reactions with Prof. William Motherwell in University College London. He then came back to Orsay for one year as a lecturer in the laboratory of Profs. Henri Kagan and Jean-Claude Fiaud. In 1999, he was appointed as a CNRS permanent researcher in the group of Claude Wakselman in Versailles. He is now in charge of the fluorine group at Institut Lavoisier of Versailles. The preoccupations of the group are the synthesis and developments of electrophilic perfluoroalkylating reagents (sulfonium salts, sulfilimines, sulfoximines), the perfluoroalkytion by photoredox catalysis, the fluorinated analogues of natural compounds or of therapeutic interest, the emergent fluorinated substituents (mainly OCF3), the use of new media for green chemistry purposes (fluorous solvents, ionic liquids) and the preparation of fluorinated ligands for porous solids.



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